• Concealable and retractable pocket staff
  • Stainless Steel
  • Lightweight & easy to carry
  • Built-in one Touch System
  • Portable Martial Arts Bo staff
  • Aerodynamic
  • Extended length: 43 inches
  • Available in Silver color

The Perfect Pocket weapon to stay protected. Easy to carry and durable to use, the pocket staff ensures your self-defense and extra safety. The concealable form can easily be extended and turns into a bo-staff whenever you feel any danger around you.

Pocket staff is a fun tool to use in different areas such as it can be used for self-protection because its size is so small that you can easily carry it with you all the time. This tool is mostly used in martial art practice and some magician also uses it on stage to show some crazy performances. Just a click can turn this small tool into a long rod.


But Best Pocket Staff

collapsable staff Extendable Staff Bo Staff Pocket Staff

Bo staff has been one of the most integral parts of the martial and magic world when it comes to tricks or non-blade weapons. The latest evolution is the retractable staff which can fold on itself to become pocket size.

This article will guide you on exactly how this works, all that you need to know if you are to buy and what safety measures you should take into consideration when using it. No doubt, this is a fantabulous piece of engineering as well as cratsmanship. The staff is available in several colours, and if you are lucky you can get them in multi-colours as well, but they should be in stock for that. So, without any further ado, let us start teaching you on this fantastic piece of work and one of the coolest pocket-size miniature weapons of the modern world.

Behold The Magic Staff

As we have now explained to you what staff is, let us relate it a little to the magic and those sorcery bo staff tricks used by the magicians on stage. You would already be wondering what does a staff used as a weapon have to do something with magic tricks, right?

Well, in this modern world, there is a connection. You would have surely seen that trick in which the magician magically draws out a 2 feet stick from his hat. Have you ever wondered how that happens?

If not, then allow us to explain. No matter what material used, the shape of it is matched to that of a coil, so that it folds on itself. The folding causes it to become barely 3 to 4 inches long, and the magician hides it in his hat and then expands it.

The Best bo staff For Sale

Magic Staff, Extendable

There are many vendors in the online market claiming to have the best karate bo staff. We want you to stay cautious of all these scams.

The most trustworthy is the bo staff amazon, which we can tell you that is entirely reliable as well as affordable and cost-friendly.

Even on Amazon, there is an excellent variety of these staff available. We would recommend you to buy bo staff while keeping in mind the type that bow staff martial arts use. Or choose a staff according to the staff fighting martial arts that you practice.

Now let us have a look at the product features.

Extendable bo staff Product Features

  • Portable: The metal bo staff has the most considerable advantage of having a portable pocket size. Making it easy to take your bo wherever you want. There are no issues in handling as there were in the previous original version.
  • Furtive: Being pocket-size yields it the benefit of being very stealthy. It passes all significant security checks as no one would doubt a small metal cylinder. Hence, it is possible to carry it to almost any place you want.
  • Decent Length: There are mainly two variations in the length of the martial arts bo. One measure is 1.1 meters, while the other is 1.5 meters. Both of them are incredible lengths, and what variations you choose depends merely on two factors.

First, your height, if you are of short stature, it might be challenging to handle the more extended version. Second is the martial arts bo staff style that you practice because this would greatly influence what length you prefer.

  • Apposite for Demonstrations: Although it might not be conducive in a fight, the magic staff for sale will surely grab you some eyes, primarily when you draw it out. It does not matter whether it is an aluminum bo staff or a steel bo staff. You just have to make a bo, work correctly.
  • Safe to use: If you follow the safety instructions, the staff is entirely safe for use. It will not harm you in any way until and unless you try something absurd with it. You just have to start slow, and then you will develop adequate speed to demonstrate.

How does the Pocket Staff Work?

The same concept was adopted by some people to make the long bo, a concealable and hidden one. It looked impossible at the start, but with the zealous devotion of some people, the dream turned into reality.
Well, this time, the material used is either aluminum or steel. It is more like a thin sheet of metal that is twisted like a coil while forming. This spiral sheet rounds on itself and creates layers of the same size that shorten the whole unit in length.

How is the Collapsible Bo Staff Held Together?

You would be wondering how such a structure is together, right? This trick is pulled off rather cleverly, and there is a lock at the end that secures the folded sheets and prevents them from expanding or unfolding without reason. The lock is at one end but has to be operated from the other end. It does sound confusing, but we are going to explain precisely how it works.

Some Safety Precautions For the Martial Arts Staff

Every object in the martial world comes with its safety measures and precautions. Be it a piece of equipment or the deadliest of weapons.
Similarly, this one also has some safety precautions. Let us start by opening the staff. The first thing to keep in mind is not to hold the staff vertically while opening it. This might cause the bo to poke your feet or your eye if you are close. If you are standing away from it, you might fail to catch it, and it can bounce and then hit you.
Second, open your hand in a fully extended form when you are letting go of the staff and allowing it to open. If you do now do this, the bo would probably cut you in hand. If things get worse, fragments from the thin metal might get stuck in the skin.
Another one is that never try to open the staff with two hands. You might save one side, but the other will get cut.
Now let’s move on to the second process. When you are folding the staff, make sure that you do it in the right direction. Just take a good look at the circulatory pattern and twist the metal along it. If you do it in the opposite direction, you will be destroying the structure of the staff.
The next precaution is not to go fast. Take it easy, remember, slow is smooth and smooth is fast. The twist is slowly downwards until you get it all inside that small case.

How To Use The Retractable bo staff?

magic staff, portable pocket staff

How to use a bo staff? Wasn’t this the question popping up in your mind right now? Don’t worry; we got you covered on this topic as well.
First, let us discuss how to use the orthodox staff as it serves as the base to learn to use how to use a bo staff.
We are going to explain this, considering that you are a right-handed person. If you are a left-handed person, then you just simply flip the whole process laterally.

You start by extending both of your arms outwards. Hold the staff in your right hand, now, bring your left hand on top of the right. Make sure that your hands are positioned as such that your palms face upwards.
Next, rotate your right hand anti-clockwise (this one is holding the staff), at the same time, turn your left hand clockwise. Now you will notice that the right side is kind of transferring the staff to the left hand. Once you shift hands, hold the staff in your left hands, repeat. But while repeating, you have to perform the procedure laterally inverted, which means that when you hold the staff in your left hand, the left will move anti-clockwise, and the right will move clockwise.
Keypoint: The hand holding the staff will always move in an anti-clockwise direction while the other hand will rotate in the clockwise direction.
For the left-handed people, you can start from step 2, considering it your first step. But in your case, the hand holding the staff will move in a clockwise direction. The other side will now run in an anti-clockwise direction.
It was the most basic movement and is usually called the frontal spin. There are numerous other
moves, such as the helicopter spin, single-handed spin, round the backspin, and a lot more.
Once you master this move, slowly advance towards the more complex movements.

● What is a bo staff?

A Bo Staff or only a bo (as bo also means staff), is an Okinawan weapon originating from the Okinawan islands of Japan. While the bo is the contemporary name, the more traditional name is Roku Shaku. Roku means six, and shaku means feet, hence a staff that is six feet long.

What it indicates is that 6 feet are the ideal bo staff length.

The bo is incorporated into almost all of the martial art systems practiced in Japan. The natural material used is wood, but in the contemporary world, metals are also used, and the length of the metal staff is sometimes reduced by a foot for easy and secure handling.
It is categorized in one of the medium-ranged weapons, and if the technique is mastered, it can yield devastating results. With impeccable technique and proper form, you can generate a force of around 2769 pounds in a single strike.
2769 lbs are twice as much as the force of a short stick. What aids this weapon in generating this much force is primarily the rotatory motion. The more spin it is given with more the speed, the more damage it will cause in a strike.
There are some bo staff martial arts as well that focus primarily on the use of the staff.

How to Fold Collapsible Staff?

The next question on your mind would be that, okay, we have successfully opened the staff without being cut, now how to rewind it to that tiny little cylinder?
This process is more straightforward and more unadorned as compared to the previous one.
You have to hold the top end of the staff, which is clear and has a simple end. Then slowly twist the metal down with the other hand. As you will be doing this, you will notice that the staff is getting shorter.
This makes it perfect to practice martial arts with staff.
In short, the staff is hard to master with an average required time of 1 month with at least 2 hours of training each day. It is one of the best weapons you can learn to use.

How to Wield the Extendable Staff?

The process is a bit tricky, and you have to be cautious; otherwise, you’ll get yourself cut. Thin metal is used to manufacture the staff, which can slice through your skin. So how to open it?
There is a knob-like button on one end and a grenade-like pin on the other end. The badge has to be pulled for the staff to open up, but you can not do it like a grenade.
What you have to do is push the button on the other end. Pushing this button would make the pin pop out. Now all you have to do is let go of the staff, allow it to expand, and then grab it in mid-air.
It sounds pretty dramatic but is quite simple in reality. You have to let go of it so that it does not cut through your hand while opening. Don’t forget, it is a martial art staff and a weapon, so you have to be careful.

How long is a bo staff?

The staff has a standard length of 6 feet. Its traditional name is Roku Shaku which means six feet. This length is explicitly made as it is relatively easy to handle and creates a safe circle around you. It extends your range of attack while restricting the opponent’s range of movement at the same time.

How long a bo staff should be?

Although the original and recommended length is 6 feet. You are not bound to do the same if you do not follow a traditional style. Modern fighting styles will allow you to shorten the length by 1 foot at a maximum.

This would make the handling much more uncomplicated. But at the same time, it will also decrease the size of your secure circle, shorten your range of attack and ease off the enemy’s movements. This is mainly why traditional styles are reluctant to this modification.

However, things might work well for you if you have short stature.

How to make a bo staff?

If you want to make your bo staff, then follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Choose your wood as this would affect the weight, durability, and strength of the staff.
  2. Choose a length. Decide a suitable length and cut the piece of wood accordingly.
  3. From the tip, mark the center-most point and choose a diameter. The standard measurements are 1 inch in diameter and 3.14 inches in circumference.
  4. Decide if you are to make the tip or a flat end. If it is a tip then, it should be ¾ inches in diameter and 2.35 inches in circumference.
  5. Sand down the staff until it is perfectly round and smooth.
  6. Mark the center point, make it balance on that point if it tips then sand it down accordingly.
  7. Apply laminate to make it more durable and smoother.

How to make a collapsible bo staff?

  1. Take the commercial inch-tape measure. Cut out the inch tape to the desired length.
  2. Cover it with electrical tape.
  3. Wrap it with electrical tape.
  4. Fold it into layers, and you are good to go.

Where to buy a bo staff?

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